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Group lessons Individual lessons Spanish Courses in London

Our groups have no more than 7 participants and are therefore very effective. The advantage of group lessons is that you quickly learn to speak through the exchange and interactive exercises with other participants. And get to know other people in the group, what motivates learning together.


During private lessons you determine the frequency and purpose of your lesson.
We offer Business Spanish and Spanish tutoring as well as on holidays.
Individual tuition allows rapid individual learning the Spanish language that is tailored to your skills.


Visit our Spanish School ,we will be happy to attend you!
72 Dollis Hill Ln

London NW2 6JG, UK

Ours Method

Our instructors have extensive experience teaching all levels of Spanish, from the very newest beginner to the most advanced.

Our approach is practical: your Spanish language skills will be evaluated collaboratively by the director and your instructor, and regardless of your level, you will begin to learn and communicate in Spanish, beginning with the very first class.

Rather than spending a lot of time reading textbooks, you will work one on one with your instructor and learn how to apply, in both writing and in speaking, what you have studied during class. If you have specific or special reasons for studying Spanish  (such as medical or business terminology), your lessons with be structured around those needs. We also understand that everyone learns at different paces, and we will tailor your instruction to your individual abilities.

In addition, our Spanish school in London offer a flexible schedule of classes that can work around your needs and other activities.

At the beginning of your first class
we will offer you a test to discover the strengths and weaknesses in your Spanish language ability. We can then focus on pronunciation, listening, writing or a combination of these areas. The school uses literature, grammar books, magazines, games, films, and combinations of all these materials to create a quality and effective learning environment.

Special Courses or Features
  • Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
  • Spanish Internships or Work Experience
  • Internship Opportunties
  • Volunteer Program Opportunities in Latin America